Dust Machine (or how to document the Pompidou Centre) by Jannes Krühsel, Matthias Witt

Still Life Valley by Aisha Guions, Isabelle Miller

Side-Scroller Farms by Christian Brueck

Trashlands by Ruben Ahlers

The Gorge by Maximilan Volkenborn, Dario Mendez

Trojan Island by Aliénor Hecker
Defaults by Anja Metzger

Listening Post by Tammy Yin Lam Ho

The Circle by Xiowei Wei

Oasis by Aisha Zamir

Far-Clip Irrigation by Ran Zhao, Yaowan Liu

Crystal Mountain by Alicia Glawdel

Towers by Luisa Duffhauß, Gerrit Schloza
Frozen Island by Gregor Beckmann
Pipe Mountains by Sabrina Chmielewski

Camp Sites by Marius Dick